Client The Cultivated B. GmbH
Project Team
Nikola Martini, Lisa Kitschenberg
Animation Ubalio Martínez
Discipline Brand Identity

Cultivated B is breaking new ground in the development of advanced biotechnology and bioengineering to enhance access to plant and cell-based alternative protein sources.

The logo for Cultivated B was meticulously designed to create a visually compelling representation of their mission to address global challenges in the face of diminishing key resources through cellular agriculture. The logo combines the company's initial "C" with an infinity symbol, resulting in a powerful and symbolic mark.

By merging the "C" and the infinity symbol, the logo communicates their unwavering commitment to solving global challenges and their dedication to sustainable practices. The fusion of these elements signifies continuous progress, limitless possibilities, and a sustainable future.

In addition there is an animation of the letter "C" that dynamically transforms into a protein structure.